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Into the business of serving high quality BOPP Tapes, Non Woven 3 Ply Face Mask, Box Strapping Roll, PP Box Strapping Roll, Washable Face Masks and more since 2012...

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About Us

The best value at the best price is always the top priority of every customer. However, what customers more need is a business partner who can stand with them in time of emergency. And, we, Geethas Enterprises is one such company whose employees persistently work for sufficing the demands of our clients. Be it for quality products or customer services, we are always ready to help our clients. The services we offer includes timely product delivery, quick query response and more. As a manufacturer, we keep applying newer and better manufacturing techniques in our manufacturing process to manufacture Self Adhesive Tapes, Latex Examination Gloves, Box Strapping Roll, PP Box Strapping Roll, Elastic Rubber Band, 3 Ply Face Masks and other products of unmatched quality. We believe that the best way to stay ahead in the competition is by satisfying the needs of our clients. But with the hard work of our people, we always surpass their expectations. And, this is what we are known for. However, our capabilities are not limited here, we are always chosen over other businesses because of many more reasons and some of these are cited below
  • Our strict adherence to ethical business practices.
  • All time availability of stock.
  • Widespread supply chain network.
Timely Delivery Service

While operating in a competitive business line, it takes no time for a company to become second from outshining at the first place. Customer can instantly change their liking for a business entity, if it fails to serve them in the best manner. Considering the same, we never take any risk of losing our customers. Therefore, we always keep the priorities of our customers on top. All the demands of our customers are fulfilled by us without compromising on our business morals. Moreover, timely delivery service of Kids Face Mask, Air Bubble Pouch, etc., is perfectly ensured by setting up a well managed logistic system.

Know Us Better

We are a company of our words and have always worked hard to keep our promises. For this reason, we always follow the rules and regulations that our management has documented for us. Guided by our mentor, Mr. Haribabu, we persistently work to transform our vision, of offering products of top quality to our customers at price that fits within their budget, into reality. This is why, we also established a modern infrastructural base that spreads over a large piece of land and equipped it with technologically advanced tools.